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Terms for Participants

  • Only the participants who have signed this agreement to mediate online may be present in the same rooms used by the participants during any online video mediation session. You will confirm that you are not able to be overheard from your location.
  • You agree to do all you can to ensure that you are not interrupted during online video mediation by anyone else such as children, relatives, pets, deliveries,etc,
  • You agree to turn off or put to silent any phones, tablets or computers, and disable any alerts announcements or notifications of texts, emails, tweets or other social media activity, and close all or any other open application.
  • You agree to there will be no live or deferred video or audio relay of the online mediation to third participants.
  • You agree not to video or audio record any online session.
  • You assign all intellectual property rights in the online video mediation sessions to the mediator.
  • Online video family mediation is a without prejudice process to seek a negotiated settlement.