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Divorce Mediation Checklist

Required Documents

  • Assets: This includes information of both spouses (name, DOB, marriage date, annual income, employment status, contact number and address); details of the children, bank statements, statement of children’s account (CD’s, 529 plans, college fund etc.); stock investment details, vehicle details, pending lawsuits, if any when either or both spouse are listed as plaintiffs; settlements of loans, pension plans, other cash benefit plans (golden parachute plans), personal property appraisal and business valuation (in case of joint business ventures).

  • Liabilities: The balance statements of all home equity loans, or credit held against any personal property, vehicle loans statements, student loans if any, statements for private loans (written or verbal when either or both spouse are debtor(s)), all credit card statements, information on civil case when either spouse is a defendant.       


  • Income & Taxes: Statement of income (pay stubs) and W-2 or 1099 employment statement for the last six months. Tax related documents like copies of federal and state tax returns for the last 3 years and supporting W-2 and 1099 forms; copies of corporate tax returns if the couple runs a joint business venture or individually.

  • Insurance: Declaration sheets of all life insurance policies must be presented along with a written statement of payment towards the same and disability policy if held by a partner.

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